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Sabine Mokry

Postdoctoral Research Scholar in the Columbia-Harvard China and the World Program

My research focuses on how domestic factors shape China’s foreign policy.  In my book project, I examine under what conditions Chinese scholars and think tanks influence the construction of China’s national interest.


PhD Candidate

Leiden University, Institute of Political Science

Dissertation title: The Construction of China's National Interest: Between Top-Down Rule and Societal Ideas

supervised by Daniel Thomas, Daniela Stockmann, and Nicoloas Blarel


Research Associate

Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS), Berlin

As part of the team working on China's foreign relations, I focused on the domestic sources of China’s foreign policy and monitored Chinese activities on the African continent. I published policy reports on Chinese concepts for the global order and analyzed the restructuring of China’s foreign policy apparatus.


M.A. International Relations and China Studies

Free University Berlin

During the two master’s programs and my work as a research assistant, I developed a solid theoretical and methodological background for investigating questions around China’s foreign policy, its global role and the domestic factors that shape it.


Book project

The construction of China's national interest:

Between top-down rule and societal ideas

Frame analysis

I developed a new approach for applying frame analysis to the study of Chinese politics


The Pacific Review, 2023, online first.


China’s Foreign Policy Rhetoric Between Orchestration and Cacophony


Foreign Policy Analysis, 2022, 18 (3), 1-17.


What is Lost in Translation? Differences Between Chinese Foreign Policy Statements and Their Official English Translations

International Politics, 2023, online first.


Grand strategy and the construction of the national interest – the underpinnings of Sino-US strategic competition

Journal of Contemporary China, 2017, 26 (107), 650-663.

Whose Voices Shape China’s Global Image?

Links Between Reporting Conditions and Quoted Sources in News about China

Image by zhang kaiyv
Chinese Foreign Policy
BA seminar at Hamburg University,
MA seminar at Leuphana University Lüneburg

We discuss theoretical approaches located at different levels of analysis to explain critical developments in China’s foreign policy. In addition, we examine empirical issues following participants’ interests.

Image by Jose Fontano
Authoritarian Rule in the Digital Age
BA seminar at Hamburg University

The course focuses on the strategies authoritarian rulers use to sustain their rule and how they are adapting these strategies in the digital age. Based on the characteristics of authoritarian rule, students learn how to systematically compare authoritarian regimes with each other.

Image by Jason Leung
Flaggen in einer Reihe
Introduction to Foreign Policy Analysis
BA seminar at Leuphana University Lüneburg and the University of Freiburg
Through critically assessing the most important theoretical approaches in FPA, we examine the role of different foreign policy actors from leaders over the bureucracy and interests groups to the public in different stages of the foreign policy process.


Introduction to International Politics
BA seminar at the University of Freiburg

We critically assess the theoretical approaches that shape debates within International Relations from different variants of realism, liberalism, and constructivism to feminism, post-colonialism and Marxism. By applying them to current case studies we discuss the approaches’ explanatory potential.  

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