Sabine Mokry

PhD Candidate, Leiden University
Visiting Researcher, GIGA Hamburg 

My research focuses on China’s foreign policy, especially how domestic factors shape it. In my dissertation, I examine when, how, and how much Chinese think tankers and scholars influence the construction of China’s national interest.


Research Associate

Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS), Berlin

As part of the team working on China's foreign relations, I focused on the domestic sources of China’s foreign policy and monitored Chinese activities on the African continent. I published policy reports on Chinese concepts for the global order and analyzed the restructuring of China’s foreign policy apparatus.


M.A. International Relations and China Studies

Free University Berlin

During the two master’s programs and my work as a research assistant, I developed a solid theoretical and methodological background for investigating questions around China’s foreign policy, its global role and the domestic factors that shape it.


B.A. Governance and Public Policy

University of Passau

My bachelor's program with semesters abroad in the UK and Switzerland introduced me to the logics of political science and neighboring disciplines. A two-year long, extra-curricular program on conflict and cooperation in Asia offered by the German National Scholarship Foundation sparked my interest in International Relations and China's foreign policy.



Courtiers or consultants?

The construction of China's national interest between top-down rule and societal debate

Frame analysis

I am developing a new approach for applying frame analysis to the study of Chinese politics


Shei, Wei, 2021, The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Studies, Routledge, London.


Reading between the lines: How frame analysis reveals the Chinese government’s policy priorities

Tickner, Smith, 2020, International Relations from the Global South - Worlds of Difference, Routledge, London.


The Global IR Debate in the Classroom

(with Wiebke Wemheuer-Vogelaar, Ingo Peters, Laura Kemmer, Alina Kleinn, Luisa Linke-Behrens).

Journal of Contemporary China, 2017, 26:107, pp 650-663.

Whose Voices Shape China’s Global Image?

Links Between Reporting Conditions and Quoted Sources in News about China

Peters, Wemheuer-Vogelaar, 2016, Globalizing International Relations - Scholarship Amidst Divides and Diversity, Palgrave Macmillan, London.

Chinese International Relations (IR) Scholars' Publishing Practices and Language: The "Peaceful Rise"—Debate

Image by Jason Leung
Foreign Policy Analysis - Actors, Approaches, and Disruptions
 University of Freiburg
BA Political Science

Through critically assessing the most important theoretical approaches in Foreign Policy Analysis, twe examine the roles of a wide range of foreign policy actors from leaders over the bureaucracy and interest groups to the public in the different stages of the foreign policy process.

Image by Jose Fontano
Authoritarian Rule in the Digital Age
University of Hamburg
BA Political Science

The course focuses on the strategies authoritarian rulers use to sustain their rule and how they are adapting these strategies in the digital age. Based on the characteristics of authoritarian rule, students learn how to systematically compare authoritarian regimes with each other.